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Laguna Hills Trust Administration Attorney Daniel Cooper

Welcome to the Law Offices of Laguna Hills Trust Administration Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper. A highly experienced Trust Administration Attorney, Mr. Cooper has been diligently representing clients in a variety of matters relating to the Administration of Trusts since 1977.

Due to the complex laws and duties imposed upon Trustees under California Law, it is imperative that named Trustees who have never dealt with Estate Law enlist the assistance of a highly qualified and knowledgeable Trust Administration Lawyer. Failure to follow the guidelines for Trust Administration as set forth under the law may result in lengthy and costly litigation.

As with the Executor of a Will, a fiduciary duty is imposed upon Trustees. Trust mismanagement could result in the Trustee being found in breach of their fiduciary duty, and a monetary judgment could be entered against him or her.

If you have been named as a Trustee and are in need of skilled legal counsel, please contact the Law Offices of Laguna Hills Trust Administration Attorney Daniel Cooper at 949-859-8456 to make an appointment for a comprehensive, in-office consultation with one of the region’s leading Estate Lawyers.

Mr. Cooper will meet with you to thoroughly review your concerns, offer up-front answers to your questions, and provide you with an honest analysis of your legal position.

Dedicated to giving highly personalized representation, all client calls and emails will be answered promptly, and you will be kept informed regarding the status of the Trust.

Knowledgeable Trust Administration Lawyer in Laguna Hills

California Law clearly outlines the responsibilities and duties of a Trustee. He or she must not only follow the law, but also comply with additional terms and requirements that may be set forth in the trust. The Trustee must first obtain copies of the decedent’s death certificate before they can act on behalf of the Estate. Once obtained, the duties of a Trustee include the following:

A skilled and knowledgeable Laguna Hills Trust Administration Attorney, Daniel J. Cooper has successfully helped numerous clients carry out their fiduciary duties, and has also provided exceptional legal counsel and representation to Beneficiaries in Trust Litigation when the Trustee is in breach of their duties.

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Whether you are a Trustee or a Trust Beneficiary in need of a Trust Administration Lawyer with extensive experience, please complete our Trust Administration Case Evaluation Form. Or, call the Law Offices of Laguna Hills Trust Administration Attorney Daniel Cooper at 949-859-8456 to schedule an in-depth personal consultation.

Mr. Cooper proudly represents clients in Laguna Hills and throughout Southern California. If you’re in need of a Trust Administration Lawyer, please contact us today and learn how Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper can put his 39+ years of experience to work on your behalf.