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Temecula Estate Planning Attorney Daniel Cooper can help you create a customized estate plan to identify the ways your real property, personal property, and assets are to be handled in the future. A comprehensive estate plan can also set forth instructions for your future medical care.Temecula Estate Planning Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper

Since 1977, Estate Planning Lawyer Daniel Cooper has worked with clients in Temecula to draft Estate Plans, Wills, Trusts, Advance Health Care Directives, and Durable Powers of Attorney, in addition to handling all related estate and tax matters. A well-drafted, comprehensive estate plan is critical to ensuring that your wishes will be fulfilled in the event that you become incapacitated or you are no longer able to make certain decisions. Mr. Cooper will create an estate plan which keeps your priorities intact, limits excessive tax liabilities to you and your heirs, and reduces the potential for future conflict among family members.

With extensive experience in Tax Law and a degree in Accounting, Mr. Cooper is uniquely qualified to handle legal matters for estates of all sizes.

Schedule a private consultation with Temecula Estate Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper by calling 951-676-1896. During your initial meeting, Mr. Cooper will address your concerns, answer your questions, and advise you of the process necessary to establish a comprehensive estate plan.

Estate Planning Lawyer Representation in Temecula

After working closely with clients in this field for nearly 40 years, Mr. Cooper has seen the confusion and chaos that ensues after the death of a family member who either has left no will or trust, or when those documents are so ambiguous as to not clearly define the decedent’s wishes. Poorly drafted estate planning documents are often open to interpretation. The family may become divided due to arguments that erupt over the inheritance. When a person dies without a trust or will, the estate is often settled by the court through the probate process. Temecula Estate Planning Attorney Cooper works with families in these situations and provides knowledgeable representation when estate disputes are decided through the court.

In order to avoid the above scenario, Estate Lawyer Daniel Cooper provides skilled assistance to help clients plan for future medical care while providing a smooth transition of wealth to heirs, beneficiaries, and charitable organizations.

As an experienced Temecula Estate Attorney, Mr. Cooper provides detailed assistance throughout the estate planning process. He thoroughly explains each component, along with the advantages and disadvantages, in order for you to make informed decisions which will affect your future.

With his vast knowledge of accounting and tax law, Estate Planning Lawyer Daniel Cooper strategically designs plans to maximize your estate value while minimizing tax liabilities. He will thoroughly explain the ramifications of your decisions, not only how your legal decisions affect your estate today, but also how your decisions today will affect your family in the future.

At the Law Offices of Daniel J. Cooper, we focus on handling all estate-related matters for clients. Our Estate Planning Lawyer offers representation which includes but is not limited to the items that follow. He can help you:Temecula Estate Attorney Daniel J. Cooper

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When you are establishing a Trust, drafting your Will, or creating a comprehensive estate plan, it is critical to give careful consideration to many factors. Temecula Estate Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper is a highly qualified estate tax professional who brings a unique perspective to the estate planning process. He will design your custom Estate Plan to meet your needs and achieve your legal objectives.

Contact our office to schedule a confidential consultation with Temecula Estate Planning Attorney Daniel Cooper. Call 951-676-1896, or we can also be reached online. Please complete our Estate Case Evaluation Form, and we will contact you to arrange for a convenient meeting time.

As an experienced Temecula Estate Planning Lawyer, Mr. Cooper provides personalized, high quality legal representation for all of your estate-related matters. In addition, we offer professional assistance with starting a business and with tax-related issues with the Board of Equalization, Franchise Tax Board, or IRS. Our legal team addresses client inquiries appropriately, always striving to ensure our clients are up to date on case developments.

From offices in Temecula and Laguna Hills, Estate Planning Attorney Daniel J. Cooper serves clients throughout California.

Temecula Estate Planning Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper