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San Clemente Estate Attorney Daniel Cooper has extensive estate planning experience. He has been assisting individuals in San Clemente, Orange County, and in other areas of Southern California for many years. Mr. Cooper takes the legal steps necessary to ensure your wishes are clearly expressed and carried out. If you would like to discuss your estate plan and any questions about wills, durable powers of attorney, trusts, advance health care directives, or similar matters, contact our firm.

San Clemente Estate Planning Lawyer Daniel J. CooperIt is important to have a proper will in place if reliable protection of assets is desired. A well-crafted will directs the manner in which your estate is to be handled in the event of death or incapacitation. Our San Clemente estate planning law firm protects client interests and looks for opportunities to reduce tax obligations. The attorneys in our office also keep an eye on minimizing the potential for any future legal conflicts that could arise amongst family members and beneficiaries.

As a former tax auditor, San Clemente Attorney Daniel Cooper has the knowledge and skills to navigate complex tax issues and provide reliable estate planning.

To discuss your situation with San Clemente Estate Planning Attorney Cooper, dial (949) 859-8456 and make an appointment for a consultation.

Estate Planning Attorney for San Clemente, CA

Mr. Cooper is a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer and estate litigation lawyer. He has proven his capability in numerous and varied cases. Our office has seen the stress that a family can undergo due to a loved one passing away before having completed their will. Oftentimes, such a situation can give rise to disagreements, disputes, and litigation among the beneficiaries.

Dying intestate (without a will) results in the estate being distributed in whatever manner the probate court directs. As an accomplished San Clemente estate planning attorney and estate litigation attorney, Mr. Cooper can help families through such a situation. He is an experienced probate litigation attorney who can advocate client interests in and out of the courtroom.

If there are issues facing your family due to a loved one passing away intestate, please call our office to arrange for a confidential consultation. San Clemente Estate Attorney Cooper provides sound advice and representation, and he assists clients in transferring assets to the heirs, beneficiaries, and charities they designate.

Our San Clemente Estate Lawyer knows how to create a strong and effective estate plan that addresses a number of specific concerns. At our estate planning law firm, clients are helped to understand the options available and what kind of risks and benefits are associated with each. In this manner, families are equipped to make practical decisions that fit their needs and accomplish their goals.

Probate Attorney Daniel J. Cooper also worked formerly at a nationally recognized CPA firm and at the Franchise Tax Board. This experience adds to his ability to successfully represent and counsel clients on protecting assets and reducing tax obligations. As a reliable probate litigation attorney, Mr. Cooper makes sure clients are educated on the possible repercussions of various estate planning choices.

We offer the full array of estate planning services. Our trust administration lawyer and estate planning attorney are ready to offer information and guidance on many issues:San Clemente Estate Attorney Daniel J. Cooper

Trust Administration Attorney and Trust Litigation Attorney

The person designated as estate trustee may require assistance in understanding and executing their duties. Our trust administration lawyer provides insightful advice and support.

Estate and Probate Lawyer Cooper is able to offer representation in estate litigation matters. He can negotiate to resolve issues and attain client goals. In situations where litigation becomes necessary, Mr. Cooper proves to be a reliable litigator who effectively defends the interests of his clients.

Consult with San Clemente Estate Planning Lawyer Cooper

There are various factors to consider when it is time to create a trust, will, or similar document. San Clemente Estate Lawyer Cooper creates enforceable directives and estate plans. To discuss how to reach your estate planning goals, please contact our office.

To make arrangements for a private consultation with our San Clemente estate planning lawyer, trust administration attorney, and trust litigation lawyer, call (949) 859-8456 or use our online contact form.

The San Clemente estate planning attorneys at our firm have been providing reliable counsel for many years. We help clients protect the future of their loved ones, safeguard assets, and more. If you are facing issues with the board of equalization (BoE), the franchise tax board, (FTB), or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), we can likely help. We are also experienced in assisting clients in forming new businesses and helping them consider important matters necessary for success.

We provide prompt return phone calls and emails. If new information becomes available regarding a case, we inform the client in a timely manner.


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San Clemente Estate Planning Lawyer Daniel Cooper