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Mission Viejo Estate Planning Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper creates individualized estate plans to ensure client wishes are followed regarding personal property, real estate, and other assets. For almost four decades, Estate Planning Attorney Daniel Cooper has been providing individuals in Mission Viejo, Orange County, and California with reliable counsel on wills, durable powers of attorney, advance health care directives, trusts, and comprehensive estate plans.Mission Viejo Estate Planning Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper

It is critical to have a well-crafted and complete estate plan in place. This ensures your wishes are respected in the event you become incapacitated or are not able to make some decisions in the future. Our estate plans take into account client priorities and tax liabilities. We also work to reduce the risk of future conflicts among heirs, beneficiaries, and other family members.

Mr. Cooper holds an accounting degree and is extensively experienced in tax law. He is well-qualified to care for all types of estates.

To set an appointment for a confidential consultation with Mission Viejo Estate Attorney Daniel Cooper, please contact our estate planning law firm at 949-859-8456. At your consultation, our estate planning attorney will answer questions, address concerns, and advise you on how to establish a strong estate plan.

Estate Planning Attorney for Mission Viejo, CA

With many years of experience, Estate Planning Lawyer and Estate Litigation Lawyer Cooper is well aware of the chaos and stress that may result if a family member passes away without a valid and clearly stated will or trust. If estate planning documents are not written and executed properly, they can become open to interpretation. This may cause divisions in the family and with other beneficiaries.

When someone dies without having a will or trust, the estate is usually settled through the courts and the process of probate. Mission Viejo Estate Planning Attorney and Probate Litigation Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper is able to help families dealing with such situations. Our estate litigation attorney also provides intelligent representation in estate disputes that are brought before the courts.

In order to ensure your family is not subjected to litigation and divisive disputes, Estate Attorney and Probate Attorney Cooper can help you plan for the smooth transfer of assets to heirs, charities, and beneficiaries.

Mission Viejo Estate Lawyer Cooper closely assists clients as they create an estate plan. By thoroughly explaining each option with its benefits and risks, he ensures that clients can make effective and well-informed choices regarding their future.

With knowledge and experience in the fields of tax law and accounting, our estate planning attorney is able to design strategic estate plans that maximize assets and reduce tax liabilities. Mission Viejo Attorney and probate litigation attorney Cooper also explains how certain decisions may affect the estate as well as loved ones in the future.

Our law office handles all matters related to estate planning. Estate Planning Attorney and Trust Administration Lawyer Cooper provides counsel and representation on matters such as the following:Mission Viejo Estate Attorney Daniel J. Cooper

Trust Administration Attorney | Trust Litigation Lawyer

If you have been named as the trustee of an estate and are unfamiliar with estate law, it is important to gain counsel from an experienced trust administration lawyer. Mr. Cooper answers questions, explains responsibilities, and provides reliable counsel to trustees.

If you have become involved in estate litigation, please call the Law Offices of Daniel J. Cooper for representation and counsel. Estate and Probate Lawyer Cooper makes every reasonable effort to settle a dispute by negotiation. When needed, he zealously fights to uphold client rights and advance their interests.

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If you need to create a trust, will, or comprehensive estate plan, there are many factors to take into consideration. Mission Viejo Estate Attorney and Trust Litigation Lawyer Daniel Cooper is also a well-qualified estate tax lawyer. He brings a knowledgeable perspective to every estate plan. Call our office to gain a customized estate plan that meets your needs and objectives.

To make an appointment for a private consultation with Mission Viejo Estate Planning Lawyer and Trust Administration Attorney Daniel J. Cooper, please call 949-859-8456 or submit a completed case evaluation and contact form. We will review your information and get back to you to schedule a consultation.

With almost 40 years of experience, Mission Viejo Estate Planning Attorney and Trust Litigation Attorney Cooper is able to provide tailored and high quality counsel for all estate planning needs. The Law Offices of Daniel J. Cooper also provide assistance for those starting a new business or dealing with the Board of Equalization, IRS, or the FTB. We strive to return client inquiries promptly and ensure clients are kept current on developments in their case.


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