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Lake Forest Estate Attorney Daniel J. Cooper has been helping clients in Lake Forest, Orange County, and across Southern California with estate planning for nearly four decades. Mr. Cooper works to ensure client directives regarding assets as well as other important matters are clearly set forth and respected. To speak with our estate planning lawyer regarding trusts, wills, advance health care directives, durable powers of attorney, or other aspects of your estate plan, call our office.

Lake Forest Estate Planning Lawyer Daniel J. CooperIt is vital to use a properly crafted estate plan in order to gain peace of mind and protect assets. This gives direction on how to handle matters in the case of one’s demise or incapacitation. At our Lake Forest estate planning law firm, our attorneys work to advance the interests of the client and reduce tax liabilities. Our estate planning also proactively includes steps that reduce the chances of future conflict and litigation among beneficiaries and family.

Lake Forest Attorney Daniel J. Cooper previously worked as a tax auditor and an accountant. He possess the skills it takes to be a thoroughly dependable estate planning attorney who successfully navigates multiple tax issues. To arrange for a private consultation with Lake Forest Estate Attorney Cooper, call 949-859-8456. Our firm will answer questions about estate planning and provide dependable advice.

Estate Planning Lawyer for Lake Forest, CA

As a skilled estate planning attorney and estate litigation attorney, Mr. Cooper is able to successfully represent a variety of cases. He understands the kind of stress that results from someone passing away without a will. When a will is missing or poorly crafted and executed, disputes and litigation could arise between family members or other beneficiaries.

If someone dies intestate, or without a will, their estate will be distributed according to the direction of probate court. Lake Forest Estate Planning Lawyer and Estate Litigation Lawyer Cooper is able to assist families dealing with this type of scenario. As a reliable and experienced probate litigation lawyer, he successfully handles cases that go to court.

To discuss estate planning or issues regarding a family member passing away without a will, contact our office. We can arrange for a private consultation with Lake Forest Estate Lawyer Cooper. He can help clients transfer assets to the charities, beneficiaries, and heirs of their choice.

Our Lake Forest Estate Lawyer assists individuals in creating proper estate plans for their specific circumstances. He explains every option and educates clients about the possible risks and benefits of each. This enables families to make sensible decisions and reach their goals.

Probate Lawyer Cooper’s previous experience at a nationally known CPA firm and the Franchise Tax Board enables him to more effectively protect assets and minimize taxes. He is a probate litigation lawyer who helps clients understand the repercussions estate planning decisions may have in the future.

At our law office, we provide full estate-planning services. Call our trust administration attorney and estate planning lawyer to discuss a variety of issues:Lake Forest Estate Attorney Daniel J. Cooper

Trust Administration Lawyer and Trust Litigation Lawyer

Individuals who have been designated as an estate trustee may find that they need some assistance understanding their duties and the best way to accomplish them. Trust Administration Attorney Cooper offers the needed advice, answers, and support so that the trustee is able to carry out their responsibilities.

We are also able to provide counsel and representation on estate litigation cases. When possible, Estate and Probate Attorney Cooper negotiates to achieve client goals and resolve problems. If the case moves into litigation, Mr. Cooper is a strong litigator who fights to protect client interests.

Call Lake Forest Estate Planning Attorney Daniel Cooper

Many factors must be considered when creating an estate plan, a will, or a trust. Our Lake Forest estate lawyer and trust litigation attorney is able to draft enforceable and effective estate plans. To get started on a plan that properly expresses your wishes, call our estate planning law firm.

For a confidential consultation with Lake Forest Estate Planning Attorney, Trust Litigation Attorney, and Trust Administration Lawyer Cooper, contact us at 949-859-8456. Our online form can also be used.

Our Lake Forest estate planning lawyers have been assisting families and individuals with protecting assets and planning for the future of loved ones for many years. We also help those facing problems with the BoE as well as the FTB, and the IRS. Our firm helps those starting a new business with several legal considerations that are necessary for successful business formation.

Our legal office believes in providing prompt client communication for any phone calls or emails. When new information arises in a case, we share it with you as soon as possible.


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