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Irvine Tax Attorney Daniel Cooper represents individuals and businesses that are involved in tax controversies with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the state of California.

Mr. Cooper has almost 40 years of experience settling tax disputes. If you need knowledgeable guidance regarding a tax issue, call Irvine Tax Controversy Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper. Irvine Tax Distpute Attorney Daniel Cooper

Irvine Tax Attorney Cooper can be reached at 951-676-1896 to arrange a private consultation. Our tax dispute law firm offers assistance on a variety of tax matters.

Tax Dispute Attorney Serving Irvine, California

Irvine Tax Lawyer Cooper provides representation and guidance on various tax dispute cases. As a previous tax auditor and accountant at a national firm, Mr. Cooper is thoroughly knowledgeable regarding the manner in which the taxing authorities pursue disputes. This experience benefits clients who are facing tax issues.

Our law firm offers reliable representation and advice on many types of tax disputes for clients in Irvine and throughout Southern California. Call our firm to reach Tax Controversy Lawyer Cooper and gain counsel on various tax matters:

IRS Tax Lawyer

When dealing with an IRS tax dispute over business or personal taxes, call Irvine Tax Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper. He is able to assess the tax controversy, explain the associated rights and obligations, and offer a sensible plan of action.

Mr. Cooper is an IRS tax attorney with extensive experience. He has the skill and knowledge it takes to effectively represent clients and eliminate the chances of future litigation.

BoE Tax Controversies

The board of equalization, or BoE, is responsible for collecting taxes and fees related to tobacco, fuel, and alcohol items. This agency receives fees for certain state-funded programs. The BoE also serves as the appellate body for personal income and corporate franchise tax appeals.

Irvine Tax Controversy Attorney Cooper can provide reliable counsel to businesses that have been accused of failing to claim appropriate tax from sales. If you have received notification regarding taxes that are related to online sales, Board of Equalization Tax Dispute Attorney Cooper may be able to help.

Franchise Tax Board Controversies

Irvine Tax Attorney Daniel Cooper assists clients who are facing Franchise Tax Board disputes. Since working for a national CPA firm managing audits, and because of his experience as an auditor with the FTB, Mr. Cooper has gained invaluable insight regarding the way cases against taxpayers are handled by the FTB. Our firm assists clients in many types of cases:Irvine Tax Dispute Lawyer Daniel Cooper

Tax Controversy Lawyer Cooper provides aggressive representation and counsel to achieve the best possible outcome in each case. In situations where the client does owe taxes, our Irvine tax lawyer uses various means to significantly reduce the balance. In some instances, an installment agreement can be arranged by means of an “offer in compromise.”

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If you wish to make arrangements for a consultation with Tax Controversy Attorney Daniel Cooper, call our firm at (949) 859-8456 or use our online case evaluation page.

Our offices are located throughout surrounding communities. We provide assistance to individuals and businesses in Riverside, San Diego County, and Orange County. To find out more regarding what Tax Lawyer Daniel Cooper can do to resolve your tax dispute, please contact our law firm.

Irvine Tax Dispute Lawyer Daniel Cooper