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Irvine Business Formation Lawyer Daniel Cooper

The Irvine BusinessIrvine Business Formation Lawyer Daniel Cooper Formation Attorneys at the Law Offices of Daniel Cooper offer assistance to entrepreneurs in tax matters and business formation. To benefit from Mr. Cooper’s forty years of experience, call our law firm for a consultation.

The business formation lawyers at our firm provide representation to individuals and companies in Irvine, Orange County, and throughout Southern California. Call Attorney Daniel J. Cooper to find answers to business tax and formation questions from a knowledgeable tax attorney.

If you would like a private consultation with our Irvine tax attorney and business formation lawyer, call us at (949) 859-8456. Mr. Cooper uses his knowledge and experience as a tax lawyer and former tax auditor to provide effective legal counsel.

Business Formation Attorney Serving Irvine, CA

Mr. Cooper is a reliable business formation lawyer who provides comprehensive service. He can take care of all legal aspects of new business formation.

When beginning a new enterprise, there are various factors to consider. Irvine Business Formation Attorney Cooper works to ensure clients maintain compliance with every relevant legal requirement. As an experienced and knowledgeable Irvine business formation lawyer, Mr. Cooper can help you choose the best business structure for a new venture. Whether it is a closely held corporation, limited liability partnership, corporation, general partnership, or limited liability company that is most appropriate for your business, our law firm will help you identify and implement it.

Mr. Cooper offers effective counsel as a skilled Irvine tax lawyer. He is able to assist you in establishing a business while reducing tax liabilities. He ensures total compliance with all applicable tax guidelines.

Corporate Filing, Compliance, Maintenance, and Dissolution

In order to effect proper compliance with the California Corporation Code, multiple obligations must be fulfilled. Irvine Business Formation Lawyer Daniel Cooper creates and files every piece of documentation that is needed, such as articles of incorporation, information statements, annual government reports, closely held corporation agreements, and partnership agreements.

Due to his experience assisting various companies, Mr. Cooper advises proprietors to include a clause in the business formation documentation that allows for the possibility of dissolution in the future. Although most business owners do not wish to dissolve their company anytime soon, there are benefits to consider. If the business later ends in some way, or if litigation is imminent or underway, such a clause could prove invaluable.

Contact our Knowledgeable Irvine Business Formation Attorney

In the event that a new business is on the horizon, call our law firm. We offer effective representation in all business formation matters. To reach our office and schedule a consultation, either dial 949-859-8456 or use our online case evaluation form. We will review your submission and contact you to make an appointment for a consultation with Irvine Business Formation Attorney Cooper.