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Please contact Estate Attorney Daniel Cooper at 949-859-8456 to schedule a confidential, in-person consultation with one of Southern California’s leading Estate Planning, Probate, Trust Administration and Estate Litigation lawyers.

Our caring and insightful lawyers will strive to make you feel comfortable while reviewing these sensitive issues. We will discuss your concerns and provide thorough answers to all of your questions, and we are pleased to provide quality legal counsel and representation.

Estate Planning Lawyer in Laguna Hills

At the Law Offices of Laguna Hills Attorney Daniel J. Cooper, we handle a broad range of matters relating to Estate Law, including but not limited to the following:

Laguna Hills Estate Planning Attorney Daniel Cooper understands the inherent difficulties in deciding who the testator wants to inherit his or her hard-earned assets, the issues that can lead to litigation when Administering a Trust, the difficulties which may arise during Probate, and how contentious Will and Trust Contests can become. As a result, Mr. Cooper works diligently to preserve and protect the best interests of his clients while he strives to resolve disputes effectively and efficiently.

Laguna Hills Attorney Daniel Cooper | Other Areas of Practice

In addition to handling Estate related matters, the Law Offices of Laguna Hills Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper offers knowledgeable legal counsel to individuals needing assistance with Business Formation. This includes helping prospective business owners determine the most favorable type of Business Entity which will provide the highest level of protection from personal liability. He also drafts all of the requisite formation documents.

Attorney Daniel Cooper provides highly experienced representation to businesses and individuals who have become embroiled in tax disputes with the following tax authorities:

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Mr. Cooper worked as a Tax Auditor for the FTB and managed the taxation department of a nationally renowned CPA firm. Laguna Hills Attorney Daniel Cooper has also lectured extensively in Graduate School programs at USC, UC Irvine, and Golden Gate University, as well as before numerous Professional CPA groups.

This background has given him a unique perspective and approach to helping clients successfully resolve Tax Controversies.

Contact Laguna Hills Estate Planning Lawyer Daniel Cooper

Please contact Laguna Hills Estate Planning Lawyer, Business Formation Attorney and Tax Dispute Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper at 949-859-8456 to make an appointment with a skilled, knowledgeable and caring attorney.

The Law Offices of Attorney Daniel Cooper is pleased to offer personalized legal counsel and representation. All client communications are addressed in a timely manner, and you will be kept updated regarding the status of your legal matter.

Conveniently located in Laguna Hills and Temecula, Mr. Cooper proudly serves clients throughout Southern California in both State and Federal Court. Call today to learn how he can utilize his experience to preserve and protect your best interests.

Laguna Hills Estate Planning Attorney Daniel Cooper

Laguna Hills Estate Planning Attorney Daniel Cooper

Welcome to the Law Offices of Daniel J. Cooper.

 A knowledgeable Laguna Hills Lawyer, Mr. Cooper possesses extensive experience guiding clients through the Estate Planning process. He ensures that his clients’ wishes are clearly documented, accurately reflecting not only who they want to oversee their personal matters in case of incapacity, but also who will inherit their personal property and financial wealth upon death. Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper also takes all necessary steps to minimize tax liability for both the testator as well as their beneficiaries.

Whether you want to retain a skilled lawyer to help you devise and draft a comprehensive Estate Plan, need help Probating a Will, have been named as a trustee and are seeking a highly seasoned Trust Administration attorney, or are involved in litigation over a Will or Trust, the Law Offices of Laguna Hills Estate Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper has nearly 40 years’ experience successfully representing clients in these matters.  

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